36 countries POS or infected

Network security company IntelCrawler researchers said recently that in 36 countries around the world, 1500 POS and other retail system is infected, the infected system formed a botnet, or to retailers around the world to bring a certain security issues; China is also on the list.

IntelCrawler said, calling the botnet Nemanja, and revealed the network attacker may come from Serbia. At present, the main infected for POS terminal, accounting system and other retail platform; Has been found to 36 infected countries, involved 1478 infected systems, these systems are distributed in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, China, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.

For Nemanja botnets analysis showed that the infected system used in a variety of POS, sales management system and accounting system. IntelCrawler, researchers say, is at least 25 different kinds of such software running on the system, it shows that NemanjiaPoS malicious software designed to be used for different software. This kind of malicious software in addition to being able to collect the credit card data, also has the function of keyboard record to intercept other systems and databases (including payment or personally identifiable information) login credentials.

IntelCrawler predict that before long, the modern POS malware will as a module is added to the malicious remote access tools (RAT) or other trojans, and will be combined with other components, such as used for keyboard record or sniffer network flow components.

Currently Nemanjia botnet involving countries include: China, Argentina, Belgium, Austria, Bangladesh, Chile, the Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, venezuela and Zambia.

In addition, IntelCrawler researchers predict that in the next few years in the use of POS terminal retailers and most small businesses will appear more and more data leakage accident, also can appear the backend system for retailers and the register of emerging malicious attacks.

Last December, large chain supermarket Target admit company store system was hacked, 40 million was a debit/credit card account. And has been found that the black market with 20 - $45 per person price for someone sell personal information to the account. IntelCrawler confirmed Target network in January against malicious software behind for a Russian teenagers.

After a third-party payment industry has great wisdom news agency said the POS with the rapid development of mobile Internet, micro POS rapid emergence and form, also appeared a lot of good Withers not neat small and medium-sized POS manufacturer, form a complete set of information security measures to keep up with.