China POS market is from start-up to growth

China pos market scale is higher growth trends, changes in consumption patterns will also bring new opportunity to the development of cash registers, the development of the retail industry for the development of the cash register provides a comfortable market environment. At the same time, the cash register market is also faces some of the larger constraints.

Since 2000, pos terminals in China started large-scale promotion and application. Relevant data show that in 2000 the commercial register for total sales of 65476 units, the current market competition is intense, is generally only large companies can gain a foothold in the market.

China pos market is from start-up to growth. Though the competition for cash registers are mainly concentrated in the field of business, but the new market segments, such as pos bank, post office, pos, cafe pos, etc. To expand the range of the traditional use the pos, diy - pos, PC - pos, pos modular trend shows that the pos market gestates change. At the same time, foreign manufacturers are accelerated to enter the domestic market. Abroad in the production of cash register manufacturers are actively investing in China, set up production bases, implement localization policy, reduce the cost. Therefore, domestic pos manufacturing enterprises are facing more fierce competition situation.

In addition, users demand difference is big, the factory sales, production and maintenance cost is difficult to reduce, imperfect legal environment, profit distribution and other factors also limits the development of the pos market. Due to the original market on a smaller scale, and compete more manufacturers and most powerful, the degree of market competition will not change. Due to the emergence of the government procurement market and diy, service competition and price competition to become the new focus. The direction of the domestic enterprise competition should be toward the market segment, government procurement, price competition, regional competition in the areas of thinking. Should be in-depth understanding of the user's demand characteristics, break the traditional development mode, to give up following strategy, find that user needs, in a certain field quickly establish a leading position.

Mature with the development of China's cash register market, increased competition, the user purchases tend to be more rational, more stringent conditions to suppliers. How to maintain, management, expand the channels become the focus of the register. Enterprises should reduce operating costs, strengthen or transformation has advantages of a particular field, form their own core competitiveness.